History of the QuboCamper

Or, better, how a long list of wrong choices become a cool Camper

Everything started in 2012 when a young 23 years old guy from Torino (yep, that's me) bought a Fiat Qubo.
There was something wrong in that boy. Why should you spent all you have to buy a van? Why didn't you bought a real car for a real man?

Because I like riding my bike

That's really what I said.
How many times I rode my bike since then?
A dozen, maybe.

Okay, that didn't gone as expected.

A couple of years later, in the beginning of 2014, I said:

Hey, I've a pretty big car (ok, not that big): I could try to put a bed inside and go on holiday...

I started looking on the web for some inspiration: I found a world. 3 years ago it wasn't as full of supersmall campervans as today, but there were a lot of cool ideas. One guy, Qubocamper blogspot did the trick.

It was like an epiphany.

I immediately bought a bounch of wood and I did a couple of crazy randomatic experiments.

After one month of experimenting, the First version of qubocamper was born.

Since then, I kept only the bed, everything's else has been totally redesigned.

Have a brief look at the older website to see how it was before 2016.

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