QuboCamper new Website is online

Written on Monday 29 May 2017

Qubocamper in the durmitor

QuboCamper is back online

What the hell happen'd?

  1. The old website has been moved from qubocamper.it to qubocamper.it/old
  2. There's a whole new website with no functionality at all. Except the one to see what is the Qubocamper, how's made and read his stories.
  3. IF you want to get in contact with me: via linkedin, via (youtube)[https://www.youtube.com/qubocamper] or via email

What are we going to see here?

I hope, I really hope, to have enough time to spare to share with you all the Qubocamper solutions.

QuboCamper was built - the first time - as a 100% free project where anyone can copy, try different solutions or suggest different features.

New website, same rule: Everything is free. For everyone, no copyrights. Just remember where you took your ideas.